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This is the base page of the section of Calculators.


If you are an instructor and need the source for others to study (buggy or good example) or otherwise need to keep a copy of a calculator for when you are on a plane or in the field of your work, do a file, save page as... and the calculator shouls still work. maybe even faster. no need for the internet unless you are making a bookmark and then it does not work 100% there is a bug in the js code I need to work out.

if you just want to learn DHTML coding for good reasons, go ahead and view source, take a look at the js files.

contact me if I have not covered something. No on bad uses. you shouldn't be out there to hurt people. start helping them and making useful things and see what happens. Ask Jesus to forgive you for what you have done to others.

A set of calculators not working?

I am probably upgrading and/or fixing one of the js or HTML5 files. wait 2-3 days and try again. I do that once in a while.

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